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Karla  First Edition (Cantos, Toronto, 2003) rare


On an aesthetic level, Karla is almost unique in our literature. It is an extraordinary act of the imagination brought to bear on the facts

           - Barry Callaghan

“This work is masterfully written, forensically researched, minutely detailed work of true crime. As time goes by, it should be viewed as a classic of the genre. True crime is, in the hands of artists like Truman Capote and Stephen Williams, a kind of poetry, a kind of austere grand guignol exuding gaudy horror.

           - George Elliott Clarke

I truly consider Stephen Williams to be the Norman Mailer of Canada.

           - Peter C. Newman

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I found Invisible Darkness a superior example of a dying breed   the straight, unhyped, literate work of true-crime"

    - Jack Olsen, Edgar-Award winning author of Doc

"By far the most intelligent and subversive of the Bernardo triptych."

    - Lynn Crosbie, Globe and Mail

"Williams has performed a remarkable, if unconventional, feat in the annals of true crime."

    - Judge Lynn King, Toronto Star

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invisible darkness trade paperback edition
marc de marcos pawn shop Niagara Falls

Mark de Marco’s pawn shop on Victoria Street directly across the street from George Walker’s law office at 4786 Queen St. on the corner of Queen and Victoria in Niagara Falls circa summer 1993. As the sign says "Niagara's Most Interesting Store." When we moved to St. Catharines in 1992 to research the place and the Bernardo case I was introduced to Mr. de Marco as ae man who knew everybody and everything that went on in Niagara region. He proved to be an invaluable resource. And, of course, this is were I found the “Moloch” - that creepy, old Masonic skull included among the pictures in Invisible Darkness.

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