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Caption: Police photo: Karla’s night table, December 25, 1990, shortly af ter Karla’s sister Tammy Lyn was declared DOA. The videotape documenting Paul and Karla Homolka’s attack on Tammy Lyn sits with a wad of American money. This picture was taken by one of the senior officers on the scene, Sergeant George Onich. For some inexplicable reason, the Sergeant took a picture of the videotape but did not bother to review the tape itself.

Caption: Post-mortem police photograph of Tammy Lyn Homolka taken at St. Catharines GeneralHospital, early in the morning of December 25, 1990. The violent, red chemical burns around her mouth, nose and on her cheek did not seem to give any of the medical or police personnel pause. The coroner found that her death was accidental and closed the file three months later.

Caption: This photograph was taken from Tammy Lyn’s coffin by police during her exhumation in the summer of 1993. Karla’s parents instructed the police not to return the photograph into the coffin.

A Preponderance of Coincidence

Caption: Police Photo of death letter addressed to Tammy Lyn Homolka with sections handwritten by both Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo and placed in her casket with other bric-a-brac. It is written on Paul and Karla’s wedding stationery. This item was also removed from the coffin during the exhumation. Along with the picture of Paul and Karla and a number of other items placed in the casket by Paul and Karla, Dorothy and Karel Homolka instructed the police not to return the death letter to the cof fin.

On this, the 10th Anniversary of Karla's release from jail, a dark and rapacious bird, released into the wild, free and clear, I thought it would be appropriate to draw attention to the abiding mystery of exactly how and why Karla was delivered the future is enjoys today, flitting as she does between the Caribbean and the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, Quebec. The first topic is the preponderance of coincidences that characterized her interactions with her ex-husband and the fact that they got away way with an embarrassment of horrendous and violent crimes for five and a half years. And then, how she eluded the just punishment she so richly deserved.

In the prologue to "Invisible Darkness" I wrote "A wise person once said coincidence is God's way of maintaining His anonymity. This chance meeting with Nikki and her seeming second sight is a small example of what I've otherwise discovered; coincidence forms the nucleus of this story."

And indeed, coincidence was the nucleus of the reign of terror Paul and Karla perpetrated.

From Chapter 1: "The truth was, Dr. Arndt found Niagara Falls fascinating. Historically speaking, the area wore its psychoses on its sleeve. It represented the best of nature and the worst of mankind - a coincidence of geographic purity pitted against the impurity of human behavior. It was the God-given inexhaustible supply of fresh water from the Great Lakes and the man-made ingenuity of an obscure Croatian engineer that had spawned cheap power at the turn of the century, which had in turn led to massive industrialization. That, in turn, had poisoned the land and the water - the minds would follow."

Chapter 7, line 112: "Sergeant McNiff knew there was something wrong. There was too much coincidence. For instance, the girl who had been raped on December 23 said her assailant drove a white Capri. Bernardo drove a white Capri. McNiff made out a five-page report, dated it January 5, 1987 instead of January 5, 1988 - an honest mistake - and it got misfiled."

Chapter 10, line 45: "It must be him, then, Irwin thought to himself sarcastically. But there was something else that caught his attention, something other than the coincidence of two unrelated people reporting the same person: Tina said Paul Bernardo had been "called in" on a previous rape investigation - one in December, 1987 - but he had never been interviewed.

Chapter 10, line 78 - "All the coincidences - the white Capri, the proximity of Bathgate to Sir Raymond Drive, his striking resemblance to the composite, the graphic details of his strange sexual proclivities, which Sergeant McNiff had documented during his interview with Jennifer Galligan, the fact that he really did not know exactly where he had been when Sharon Moon was raped in May -   they all dissolved with the detectives' suspicions in an aftershock of recognition."

Chapter 23, line 186: "At 10:15 PM, Jim dropped Karla off at her aunt's and went to play hockey. He thought Karla was a very sweet, young girl. Jim looked a lot like Paul Bernardo and he drove a late model Nissan 240SX. Karla marveled at the coincidence.

Chapter 23, line 123: There was a terrible cruelty in coincidence: because the Walkers took their dogs to this particular vet - Dr. Patti Weir at the Martindale Clinic (there were hundreds of options in the Niagara region where vets were as ubiquitous as doughnut shops) Walker, arguably the most senior, experiences and successful criminal defense attorney in the Niagara region, became Karla Homolka's father-confessor and her defender."

Chapter 24, line 33: "As much as fortuity and police incompetence had facilitated Paul and Karla's five and a half years of murder and mayhem, fortune eventually determined Karla's fate. If coincidence really was God's way of maintaining his anonymity, He was singularly unknown in St. Catharines when Inspector Bevan and various members of the Green Ribbon Task Force first became aware of an unpublished esoteric article titled ‘Compliant Victims of the Sexual Sadist.’"

Chatper 25, line 238: "Coincidence prevailed. Two Bernardos were before the Scarborough court that day. February 18 was also Ken Bernardo's sentencing date. Prosecutors looked at each other, stunned. The police looked at each other with amazement. Behold, a pale horse. The media went wild."

Chapter 28, line 213: "After the Homolkas left Dr. Arndt's office, Sister Josephine gently accused Dr. Arndt of a connivance: he had planned the whole thing, from putting the sister in the same room at the hospital to this coincidence of appointments. The sister had decided to take the doctor's advice. She had given Karla the crucifix after all. The timing seemed right. Although it might not do any good, it could not do any harm. But whether it was God's will or Dr. Arndt's was another question."

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