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“Williams understood that a unique and terrible psychopathology could be at work here and, in the tradition of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood and Norman Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song, he was determined to make its acquaintance. Karla is about what Williams learned and it also lets us in on what a difficult task he had..... Karla is no slap-dash quickie aimed at culling sales from those with prurient interest in the degradation and murder of young women. It is investigative journalism at its finest, exposing how the police, Crown and certain psychiatrists have a lot of explaining to do......For Williams’, Danson’s renewed suggestion of criminal law breaking must have made him feel a little like he is living under a Canadian fatwah. He has already been investigated once by police and the Crown, which brought serious criminal charges against him after the publication of his first book. After a long fight, the charges were dropped but the prosecution nearly cost Williams and his wife, Marsha, their Ontario farm. ....Williams conclusions are based in part on correspondence with his subject ( he is the only journalist to have corresponded with her.) Homolka’s letters expose her as a gifted and, therefore, formidable woman, remorseless, self-centered and, I am convinced, quite deadly....I am at loss to understand how censoring a book that speaks the truth does anything to enhance the memory of Tammy and Leslie and Kristen. I have always believed that if there was a moment when the girls knew they were going to die, they might have thought or perhaps even spoke the words, ‘You’ll never get away with this.’ Rejecting Williams’s sober, thoughtful and well-researched analysis of how Homolka got a future is in my opinion disrespectful to the memory of her victims. Would the girls themselves be satisfied with the judicial outcome? I think not.” [Read the entire review]

           - Trish Wood in the Book Review section of The Globe and Mail, March 9, 2003

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