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Karla - Kindle Cover - American edition“On an aesthetic level, Karla is almost unique in our literature. It is an extraordinary act of the imagination brought to bear on the facts.

Barry Callaghan - Exile Magazine

Williams uses letters from Homolka herself, unreleased psychiatric assessments and police statements along with other courses to craft a controversial account of what happened behind the scenes to land a sweetheart deal for a woman with a lengthy list of murders and rapes to her credit. He lets the copious research he has carefully compiled speak for itself and does an especially good job of presenting an honest portrayal of Homolka.

Jeffery Simpson - Halifax Chronicle-Herald,

The true crime is, in the hands of artists like Truman Capote and Stephen Williams, a kind of poetry, a kind of austere grand guignol, exuding gaudy horror.

- George Elliott Clarke - Globe and Mail

Williams book is possessed of a moral authority...Karla continues in Williams’ inimitable vein. It is not light reading, and it exacts attention and discomfort from its readers. As such, it is an imperative contribution to a school of writing that has mangled Capote by way of Yeats, asserting that the best ‘lack all conviction’; ‘the worst...passionate intensity.

- Lynn Crosbie, Toronto Star

I truly consider Stephen Williams to be the Norman Mailer of Canada.

- Peter C. Newman - Macleans Magazine

If A Pact with the Devil reads as a uniquely perverse restatement of Dante’s mad love for Beatrice, so be it. I do not believe that Williams – in a sentiment he attributes to Green Ribbon Task Force Inspector Vince Bevan – feels that he has ‘to have her.’... Williams is continuing to ask for our ear, to listen to and look at what this woman did, and how such information has changed us, irrevocably.”

- Lynn Crosbie, Toronto Star

Karla is no slap-dash quickie aimed at culling sales from those with prurient interest in the degradation and murder of young women. It is investigative journalism at its finest, exposing how the police, Crown and certain psychiatrists have a lot of explaining to do..

- Trish Wood, Globe and Mail

He makes a strong case for Bevan (the detective who was head of the investigating task force) having bungled the investigation and then, to protect his own career, concocting a battered-woman/sexual-sadist-victim persona for Homolka in order to make her plea bargain palatable to the public.

- Douglas J. Johnston - Winnipeg Free Press

Karla is a nightmarish account of police, prosecutorial, judicial and prison bungling that should disturb everyone....this is solid investigative journalism uncovering ineptitude on a massive scale....The contradictions uncovered by Williams are astounding.

- Jim McNulty - Vancouver Province

Williams understood that a unique and terrible psychopathology could be at work here and, in the tradition of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood and Norman Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song, he was determined to make its acquaintance. Karla is about what Williams learned and it also lets us in on what a difficult task he had.....

- Trish Wood, Globe and Mail

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