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What was the outcome of each prosecution?

In R. v. Williams, 1998, after a two-year trial, Mr. Williams was acquitted of all charges on November 20, 2000. For the text of his lawyer, Mr. Edward Greenspan’s remarks click on this link.

In May 2004, after a dozen court appearances, the gun-related charges were dropped by the prosecution  because there was no reasonable prospect of conviction. People who live on farms and have livestock are allowed to have their guns at the ready for predator control. (See report in the Guelph Mercury.)

In late August or early September, just before the criminal matter was going to begin to be heard in open court, the prosecutors came to Mr. Greenspan and suggested that were Mr. Williams to plead guilty to one count, breach of a publication ban, (a summary conviction or misdemeanor under S 486 (c) with respect to his web only, the government would drop the other 96 charges and also withdraw the civil lawsuit. Regardless of Mr. Williams’ and Mr. Greenspan’s desire to fight the charges until the death, the offer was simply to good to refuse. On January 14, 2005, Mr. Williams plead guilty to one count, breach of a publication ban. He received a suspended sentence three years probation, and 75 hours of community service. (See a selection of newspaper reports at the conclusion of Mr. Williams’ plea resolution.)

Who laid the charges?


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