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“Williams book, [Karla].... is possessed of a moral authority...Karla continues in Williams’ inimitable vein. It is not light reading, and it exacts attention and discomfort from its readers. As such, it is an imperative contribution to a school of writing that has mangled Capote by way of Yeats, asserting that the best ‘lack all conviction’; ‘the worst...passionate intensity.’....

“It asks...that we may, as progressive citizens, be willing to extricate our loathing of Homolka from a pure understanding of jurisprudence....Williams’ disdain for the way in which Homolka has been characterized by pressured psychiatrists  whose vision of her serves only the public, not impartial analysis - is, however uncomfortably, righteous. Williams’ argument suggests, persuasively, that the real deal with the devil is done...regardless of our rational desire to ‘exterminate the brute.’ If A Pact with the Devil reads as a uniquely perverse restatement of Dante’s mad love for Beatrice, so be it. I do not believe that Williams – in a sentiment he attributes to Green Ribbon Task Force Inspector Vince Bevan – feels that he has ‘to have her.’... Williams is continuing to ask for our ear, to listen to and look at what this woman did, and how such information has changed us, irrevocably.” [Read the entire review]

             - Lynn Crosbie in the Toronto Star, February 16, 2003

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