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Who were the police, prosecutors and judges involved?

In the first case, the prosecutor was Paul Taylor. The judge was a provincial court judge named David Fairgrieve.

There were three senior Ontario Provincial Police officers involved. Detective Constables Robert (Bob) Kollee and Dave Dowell; the case manager was Inspector Wally Baker from the Major Crimes Unit stationed in London, Ontario.

In the second case, the prosecutors were Deputy Attorney General Murray Segal assisted by his wife Michel Fairburn also a senior prosecutor in the Attorney General’s office. Subsequently when the obvious conflict-of-interest issues became public, the Director of Crown Operations for Ontario, John McMahon took over. Mr. McMahon has since been appointed to the bench. These prosecutors resided at the Ministry of the Attorney General for Ontario offices at 720 Bay Street in Toronto.

The prosecutor “on the ground” who attended court and actively prosecuted Mr. Williams was senior prosecutor Sarah Welch who presided over the crown law office at the courthouse located at 2201 Finch Avenue West, the northwest extremity of Toronto. Ms. Welch was assisted by assistant prosecutor Matthew Boswell and a junior, Paul Zambonini.

There were a number of judges involved because the case never got to trial - it was never further along in the process than crown and judicial pre-trial stages.

The judge who has been assigned to hear the case, were it to ever go to trial, was Justice David Cole. Two of the judges who were involved in the pre-trial stages were Justice Derek Hogg and Justice Vito Meranda.

Senior Superior Court Judge David Watt heard a number of motions brought by the crown and the defense at the Osgoode Hall courthouse located in downtown Toronto at 361 University Avenue.

What were the names of Mr. Williams’ defense lawyers?

Edward Greenspan and Vanessa Christie from the criminal law firm Greenspan White; Lorne Honickman from the civil litigation firm Goodman Carr and Professor Alan Young from the Osgoode Hall Law School.

In which court houses were the trials and proceedings held?


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